a work of art, outstanding in its kind

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intimate, emotional - we capture the images that allow you to hold on to the moment forever, creating the heirlooms of your love

We are the husband and wife photography team Travis Calen Magee and Kimberly Rose Dooley living in New York City, traveling everywhere.               

Our passion is to capture the honest and true moments that celebrate your love and your life creating images that present an artistry in-the-moment and rich in emotion.

Love is magic, full of gratitude, intimacy and boldness-- these are the foundations of our photographic process, the "why" behind our work.

Calen Rose embodies classic, candid, love.

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Eight years ago, we met as professional dancers living in New York City. Our first date was a photoshoot and we were married three years later on a beautiful September day in Provincetown, Cape Cod. That day, we promised to each other, "Let us be partners, friends and lovers today and all the days that follow. I accept you as you are and offer myself in return." The wedding vibe was "disco forest" featuring hanging greens, playful ceramic animals, and a mirror ball chandelier. We played old black and white dance scenes behind the bar and it was certainly the best day of our lives.

We are former dancers who anticipate the moment and love the party, kindhearted people who appreciate the love of family and the joy of friendship, hardworking artists who value the gratitude and success that comes from diligence and commitment. We will be there for you from start to finish in our fullest capacity capturing the moments and creating the images that last a lifetime.

OUR CLIENTS INCLUDE: Colin Cowie Lifestyle, Darcy Miller, Public Art Fund, Peloton, and Harper's Bazaar ICONS. We annually photograph for the Joyce Theater, AdCouncil and Warner Music Group. Travis is also an accomplished dance photographer. Find his work here. His most recent exhibit "First Breath" was shown at The Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery at Lincoln Center.

Find more of our editorial and creative work here.

Investment for wedding day coverage begins at 3600, elopements at 1800.


husband and wife wedding photography team Travis Calen Magee and Kimberly Rose Dooley
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