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Fully understanding that a couple’s photography experience begins well before the first 'click,' Travis and Kimberly lean on their own foundation of marriage to cultivate genuine connections with their clients. While conversing over coffee (or craft cocktails!), they learn about their couples and their values. Observing personality traits and preferences enhances the quality of their work, resulting in detailed images that are as unique as their subjects. Calen Rose humbly welcomes personalized requests with a collaborative spirit. They encourage couples to be fully immersed in the present moment while simultaneously guiding them through what may be considered the “awkward bits.” Proactive and prepared, they connect with planners to coordinate on timelines, scout locations, and ensure each design element is photographed with finesse.


Viewing their professional alliance as a choreographed duet, Travis and Kimberly (who ironically met in ballet class) interpret each other's cues to seamlessly switch roles throughout an event. From photographer to assistant to art director to stylist, Calen Rose are two halves of a harmonious whole. With an inherent trust in each other’s artistry, they provide a varying yet well-rounded viewpoint that illustrates a distinctive storyline of an entire wedding day. Travis and Kimberly remain ever-present and contagiously calm when photographing, assuring subjects to let go and be themselves in front of their cameras. Setting ego and expectations aside, they encourage their couples to move freely about their day as it is meant to be.


Remarkably versatile in their craft, Calen Rose finds that with great contrast comes greater depth. Combining Travis’ technical side with Kimberly’s strength in style, their imagery is emotionally powerful while also lighthearted, traditional yet entirely innovative. Maximizing each other's strengths, their images are a reflection of creative fluidity. Whether street photography for the city-goers, painterly light for the modern romantic, or direct flash for a chic afterparty vibe, Calen Rose uniquely meld their photography styles to their subject's aesthetic. Each snap of the shutter is intentionally woven into the cinematic narrative of the day, resulting in surprising, multi-layered compositions.


"Strongly recommend them to all the lovers! They caught numerous of our tiny expressions [making] the photos really beautiful and natural. Don't hesitate to contact them if you want your love expressed in the photos, fresh and alive."


-Xian and Jin

Calen Rose Wedding photography NYC


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