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Whether immersing themselves in diverse cultures or smiling at strangers on the streets of New York, Travis Calen and Kimberly Rose are driven by a life of interconnection. Professionally known as Calen Rose, this husband-and-wife duo balances their individual viewpoints while seamlessly capturing moment-based imagery full of creative versatility. With an emphasis on connecting with their clients, Travis and Kimberly photograph each event to complement their subject's aesthetic. From intimate moments to energetic dance floors, Calen Rose delivers a meaningful experience encouraging clients to sit back, relax, and rejoice in their celebration.





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Fueled by true-to-life emotions, Travis captures compelling images alive with joy, love, and raw energy. He plans each step with precision while allowing his artistic instincts to lead in the moment. Whether seeking unique compositions or exploring new lighting techniques, he refuses to rest on his laurels, constantly innovating his approach to freshly capture the personality of each event.

Travis moved to New York City at the young age of 14 to train as a dancer at the Alvin Ailey School.
Introduced to photography at a summer camp, he found unexpected fulfillment in documenting life from behind the lens, relishing in the emotional reaction his images invoked. Earning a BFA in dance from the Boston Conservatory, he danced professionally with the Lucinda Childs Dance Company, always keeping a camera on hand. Taking the leap from dancer to photographer, Travis expanded his artistry in fashion, dance, fitness, portraits, and still life, eventually finding himself in the wedding scene.

Known as the “Zen Photographer,” Travis finds that moments of stillness lead to moments of brilliance, encouraging him to think creatively with a non-linear approach. From Michelangelo exhibits at The Met to street photography in Japan, Travis remains open to absorbing inspiration from anywhere, eventually showing up in his work in surprising and new ways.

When he’s not photographing a couple’s “I do’s” or dancers haphazardly caught in grand action, Travis can be found (or lost) escaping reality in a sci-fi storyline or hopping a plane for a global getaway with Kim. Rest assured (pun intended), he is exceptionally skilled in the art of napping.


“I love the power of great photography to spark the imagination and trigger emotions. It visually illustrates what can be hard to put into words.”


With a positive and peaceful presence, Kimberly finds joy in creating lasting memories for couples. Balancing a playful and focused approach, Kimberly recognizes when to be detail-oriented and when to simply let things flow - she's got that empathetic Pisces energy on lock! Always open to the power of the unexpected, her visual prowess is fueled by the belief in being 100% prepared, 100% yourself, and 110% letting the magic happen.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Kimberly danced professionally alongside major artists like Beyonce and Snoop Dogg before being introduced to the thrill of photographing weddings by her husband. Similar to a stage performance, she became fascinated by the unrepeatable nature of a wedding as a world unto itself that exists only for one given day. She takes pleasure in capturing images that are a multi-layered expression of love, style, and social dynamics. From an heirloom veil to the design of a chair, Kimberly appreciates the meticulous details that represent the one world that two people have created.

Kimberly is motivated by bold personal style and people who innately tell a story through fashion. She unabashedly lets her “bougie flag fly,” relishing in luxurious experiences through travel and global adventures. Kimberly’s photographs are multi-dimensional; whether attending Shakespeare in the Park or watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, she finds inspiration in contrasts.

When she’s not immersed in client celebrations, Kimberly enjoys winding down with the wheels up to satisfy her sense of wanderlust. At home, she can be found crafting new cocktails or reorganizing her disco ball collection while plotting ways to avoid cooking dinner altogether.


“The uniqueness and depth of each love in our lives is beautiful, complex, and layered, and I find immense joy in documenting it.”

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