about calen rose

We are passionate about capturing the honest and true moments that celebrate your love and your life. We photograph celebrations immersed in romance with a thoughtfulness that brings to life the unique aesthetic of each couple.


We shoot in a mix of editorial and photojournalistic styles. The result is a combination of both captivating styled portraits and energetic candid photographs, all of them authentic to you.




We are husband and wife photography team Travis Calen Magee and Kimberly Rose Dooley. We are based in New York City, Cape Cod, MA and Charleston, SC.                                   Traveling everywhere.

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the day

we believe your story starts when you get ready in the morning and ends with the last song on the dance floor. the majority of our wedding collections include Full day coverage.



Hello, I'm Travis, a former dancer turned photographer. I picked up photography when I was twelve years old and over time, my passion for photography became my profession.

My wife Kimberly and I have covered events for Colin Cowie Lifestyle, Darcy Miller, Public Art Fund, Warner Music Group, AdCouncil, and Harper's Bazaar ICONS. I annually photograph for the Joyce Theater, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, and NYU Tisch Dance. My most recent exhibit "First Breath" was shown at The Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery at Lincoln Center.

In addition to event photography, I am also an accomplished dance and editorial photographer. Find my work here.


Like my husband, I am also a former professional dancer. I have been shooting with Travis from the very beginning, our very first wedding and then the many that came after. 

Beyond event photography, I also shoot interior and still life photography.

If I could spend all day taking photos of the decor in your living room, I would. I'm passionate about the still life. I get a sense of calm from an artfully stacked pile of books, and a picture of a sun-soaked villa in Greece makes me want to jump on a plane tomorrow. I think that design inspires the way we live, and it is my favorite thing to capture through photography.

You can find my work here.

located in brooklyn, ny | charleston, sc | cape cod, ma  
wedding and event photography by travis magee and kimberly dooley