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dear parties, we think about you all the time.

CALENROSE, photographer provocateurs, are a New York-based duo specializing in weddings and events across the country and around the globe. Lead photographers, Travis Calen and Kimberly Rose, bring together two distinct artistic viewpoints to create a singular visual feast. 

Both former professional dancers, Kim shared the stage with Beyonce and Snoop Dogg and performed for many years at The Box NYC. Trained at the Boston Conservatory and the Alvin Ailey School, Travis danced throughout Europe with the Lucinda Childs Dance Company and performed with The Metropolitan Opera.

Our approach to taking photos is visceral. It’s deep, it’s instinctive. It comes from a mastery that is not only based in our techniques but in our histories, our personalities, and our emotions. 


Inspiration comes at all times, everywhere. It’s at The Met and in Japanese street photography. It’s that couple making out on the Seine at midnight.


This is all a dance. It’s knowing when to set a scene, when to catch moments, when to step back, and when to dive in… and we’re really good at it.


We are in pursuit of new experiences, the ones that challenge us, change us, and allow us to see the world differently. 


We’re kind and generous. One of us is a pisces empath, the other is a mysterious gemini. We’ll never tell who’s who.

Bring us the places, the people, and the experiences that are inescapably you, and we’ll let our imaginations run wild.



travis + kim




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